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Virgo Tech Marine Engineering was created in 2002 in India by a group of top marine experienced specialists. The growing company committed itself to the values of quality and stability and assumed an ambitious goal to become a quality guarantor for its clients and business partners.
With a team of experienced and qualified engineering staff and highly skilled workforce coupled with our fully equipped workshops, we are able to assist shipping companies achieve maximum operations efficiency and minimize downtime.
The company has been undertaking continuous steps to win and maintain its high reputation. Its quality assurance process has been monitored and appraised by major classification societies. By now the company has fully integrated the quality control system into the versatile scope of its activities.
The shipyard, perfectly positioned to serve the varied requirements and needs of its government and commercial customers. Virgo Tech Marine Engineering Ship Repair also maintains extensive safety awareness programs, environmental protection best practices and a sparkling-clean, orderly facility.
We have also tied-up with Viksberg Marine Industry, USA for repair and reconditioning of Letorno Crane Booms for the Offshore Industry in India.    
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